Saturday, September 26, 2009

{getting closer}

Well, we are down to single-digits in weeks! It's pretty unbelievable. Today I am 32 weeks and 1 day. It is hitting me pretty hard now that we will be seeing Elliott (most likely) in six to eight weeks! I am so excited to meet him, though I always tell him that he has to keep cooking till my mom gets out here.

The bulk of our diaper stash arrived this week. I ordered 36 infant sized prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers which I am told are the best quality and I think are pretty reasonably priced. I can't get over how cheap cloth diapering can be. These should last up to about 15 pounds. There are so many cd options to choose from- prefolds, fitteds, pockets, all-in-ones. Prefolds and covers are by far the cheapest. As you go up in price you are pretty much paying for convenience. But the basics are all you really need. So with the Snappis on the way and the Thirties I wrote about last time, we are almost there. I would love to get a few more covers and some fitteds and pockets to try out. Plus we need the diaper pail liner, wetbags for storage away from home, and wool wash, but we are getting there! One the stash is all ready I'm going to post some pics of it.

I got a note from my doctor this week stating when I need to go out on medical leave from work. My doctor wrote that I should go out at 36 weeks, but the disability only lets you go out at 38 weeks unless you have a medical condition. I am hoping they take into account how physically demanding my job is. So when I am going out is up in the air. All I know is the 12 hour shifts are getting harder and harder, even with the awesome primary assignment I have right now. Elliott is taking up so much room! When I open the side of the isolette my belly practically sits in there with my patient! So now my note is (hopefully) getting processed and I will hear something soon. The whole process is pretty confusing.

We started our prepared childbirth (aka lamaze) classes last week. I loved it and Danny found it somewhat humiliating (the teacher made they guys wear a backbag around front loaded with 25 lbs of weight). I don't plan on going all natural (just being realistic about my pain threshold) but I definitely want to be prepared for any situation. Overall the class is pretty fun. It is yet another reality check and I can't wait to go back this Monday!

Here are the pictures I promised last time...

30 weeks

32 weeks 1 day (today!)

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